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Fitness Wish List

With Christmas approaching, there are a few fitness toys that are on the top of my wish list, what’s on yours?

A stability ball, step, and medicine ball all rolled into one, the Ugi ball is one piece of equipment that can kick your ass while taking a beating of its own as well. Unlike other big medicine balls, it can get tossed around without falling apart. And… who wouldn’t love a squishy piece of exercise equipment that comes in a plethora of bright colors.

UP by Jawbone is a modern, fun-looking wristband and iPhone app that tracks your activity and sleep to motivate you to move more, sleep and eat better. It’s great for people who need a bit of help figuring out how to make some lifestyle changes or push themselves a little more to get to their desired goals. Drawback…for now, it only works with the Apple products using  iOS 4.1 and greater.

Finally a gym bag that really can hold everything from wet clothes and shoes to your yoga mat. No surprise that it’s called the Everything Fits Gym Bag