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Healthy Habit Apps

If you are going to have your smart phone with you at all times, you might as well make it work for you. Getting yourself to follow some healthy habits becomes easier with a few applications.
*All apps listed below work for iPhone and Android unless otherwise noted.

Reduce headaches, stress, and fatigue as you improve your mood by making sure you stay hydrated. Try one of these water trackers:

Waterbalance – Plug in your weight, gender, and workout schedule and then start adding your liquid intake. A silhouette slowly fills as you meet your goals. But beware, if you have certain drinks, your intake may go down. This app is great for recognizing which beverages hydrate and which dehydrate your body.  A notification will sound on your phone about once an hour to remind you to drink water. The only drawback is that measurements are in millilitres instead of ounces so you must have a general understanding of how many millilitres are in various cups sizes.

Water Your Body – Put in your basic statistics and the app will figure out how much water you should have a day. This app uses easy icons to add your water intake, but doesn’t adjust for  different drinks. It tracks your intake over time in a handy graph and plays a running water notification sound every hour to remind you to get to your goal.

Finding it hard to stay motivated? Give these apps a try to get you to stay on track:

GymPact (iPhone, Android beta) – Need some monetary incentive to get your butt in gear? This app is perfect for you. Pick how many times you will commit to working out in a week and then make it happen . Once you are at the gym, studio, etc. “check in.” Once your GPS is verified, your workout is counted towards your total. Miss a workout and get fined. Hit your target, and you get to split the pool of money of all those who played hooky. If you also walk or run outdoors, attach it to RunKeeper for an integrated experience.

RunKeeper – Track your workouts and get coaching tips in your ear as you go. Measure your caloric burn, time, and length of run and get notified when you hit a new personal best. Share your progress or use the information to create new goals for yourself.

Let’s face facts, men and women are not created equal. Since women have other concerns regarding their bodies, here are a few apps created with women in mind:

Period Calendar/Tracker – Great for those in all stages of life from tracking your period, ovulation, or menopause. Not only can you see where you are in various stages of your cycle, but you can also add in a plethora of symptoms and moods. This app is for Android only, but for those with iPhones, try iMensies for a similar experience.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting App – Track your fertility or pregnancy and get helpful tips at the same time. Or try one of their other apps to track your baby’s development so you don’t forget a thing.