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With January around the corner everyone is thinking about what resolutions they will be making this year, but you don’t have to wait until the beginning of the year to make a change in your life.

A resolution is a firm decision to do (or not do) something. And while most people have no problem making resolutions, they do run into problems keeping them. So, let’s change how we look at  a resolution. Instead of seeing it as  something that must be strictly adhered to, think of it as a guideline for changing a habit. A long-term goal that you can achieve by hitting some smaller goals. Below are some common resolutions and a way to turn each one into  a solid plan to get you started toward your goal.

Resolution: Exercise more.

This resolution is ambiguous and therefore can easily fall to the wayside. So let’s break it down a little more.

Goal: to exercise consistently from week to week.

Concrete Objective: I will work out at least three times a week. (Once you hit that goal you can increase your frequency).

Plan: Now that you have a quantifiable goal you can get your calendar out and plot out which three days you will be working out each week with an alternate day in case something should come up on one of the days you had planned to exercise.

Resolution: Stop eating “bad” food.

Goal: To have a healthier diet.

Concrete Objective: I will make sure to eat vegetables with at least two of my meals. I will only have junk food once a week. (Again, once you are able to make this a habit you can modify it to strive for more healthy eating habits).

Plan: Make a list before you hit the grocery store and have an idea of what you will be making for the week. Limit processed snack and meal purchases. Have a healthy to go food option on your list in case you are unable to prepare your food one day.

Resolution: Get stronger

Goal: To be able to carry my groceries up the stairs without huffing and puffing.

Concrete Objective: I will add strength training to my workout.

Plan: Look up a few key weight-bearing exercises online or sign up with a trainer for a few starter sessions to get a routine down. Every couple of workouts increase the intensity a bit so you can build up your strength.

Once you have your resolution worked out, keep it somewhere visible. Motivation is the key to keep you going, so write it out and put it next to your closet, or make a visual collage and display it on your work desk. 🙂


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