Sip Savvy

While cutting alcohol from your diet is advisable, it may not always be realistic. Life is full of events so here are a few ways to drink responsibly as you head out this weekend.

Photo by IVM

Pick a number

Before you start your night, set a limit. Knowing how many calories you are consuming can help you decide what is right for you. Check out this website for a complete breakdown.


Help your body stay hydrated while you slow down your consumption by drinking  a full glass of water in between drinks. Don’t forget to add another cup or two of water before you go to bed.

Pre-plan Snacks

A night of drinking can sometimes lead to grazing, late night junk food runs, and street side bacon dog cravings, so plan ahead. Eat a small meal before heading out and have some low-calorie snacks waiting for you when come home.


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